Taanshi, piihtikweek a not website! Kiyokeetaak daañ l’internet eekwa toot wiichihitotaak daañ COVID-19. 

Hello, welcome to our website! Let’s visit online and help each other during COVID-19.

Welcome home

The Two-Spirit Michif Local is the first of its kind in the Métis Nation. We’re a home for 2SLGBTQ+ Métis citizens looking for belonging, for family and friends, for support and a safe space.

“We have so many Metis heroes. Recently, the MMF made history by creating a Two-Spirit Michif Local (2SLGBTQ). I’m so proud to welcome the newly create Two-Spirit Michif Local to the family. As a Metis government, and as a People, we always celebrate inclusion and diversity.”

President David Chartrand

Please look around our site. If you’d like to join us, check out our Join us page to apply for citizenship or transfer in to our local.